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S.O.S. 2003/2004

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S.O.S. Software Fair!

Judy's Evaluation Schedule is available here

Twenty-five computer science students at The Evergreen State College will host a software fair to demonstrate their year-long software engineering projects. The engineering projects are the product of the Student Originated Software program, which combines upper-division computer science learning with in-depth practical experiences in software engineering, including the planning, management, design, implementation and maintenance of software projects.

This year’s projects span application areas from ecology to automotive maintenance and computer chip testing, from legal systems to e-commerce, from graphics support for computer games to distributed parallel processing support for high performance computing, and show considerable technical expertise.

Students have worked in groups from one to five on projects for an identified real-world customer, or in pursuit of a marketable, intellectually or socially worthwhile idea. During fall and winter quarters, students completed software system design and learned the technologies needed to implement their systems. In the spring quarter, they completed the programming of the projects that they will demonstrate at the Software Fair.

Seven projects will be displayed and demonstrated. These include: software for a “roll your own e-commerce site”; Open source software for automobile engine diagnostics; Software that translates "legalese" into English; An open source 3D model rendering framework; running a program on multiple UNIX computers concurrently; Software for monitoring the heat of computer chips; and an information portal and for forest canopy researchers.

Each individual project has a project website. For more detailed information about projects, please see our projects page

Student Originated Software faculty, Judith Bayard Cushing and Sherri Shulman, and Evergreen staff Isaac Overcast, Michael Finch and Anne Fiala mentored the student’s work, which was financially supported by community sponsors, and grants from the National Collegiate Inventors’ and Innovators’ Alliance (NCIIA), the National Science Foundation (NSF), and Evergreen’s PLATO Royalty Fund.

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