Arts and the Child

Lunar New Year 2005

Our program will produce and participate in a number of workshops, events celebrating the Lunar New Year 2005.

The New Year Art Show is on display at Evergreen Gallery II on the main floor of the Library .

The Tai Ji workshops and celebration of the Lunar New Year are scheuled for
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Feb. 11, 12, and 13, 2005,
at the TESC Longhouse.
The international master Chungliang Al Huang will join us as well as
the award winning translator of Chinese poetry and Buddhist texts, Red Pine;
musicologist and Prof. Emeritus from UW, Stuart Dempster;
award winning composer Linda Waterfall and Evergreen Singers performing excerpts from Dao De Jing;
Master Bi Zhang Zhu with the Lion Dance team;
and Pipa virtuoso, Zi Yi, performing with TESC faculty, Zheng Er.
Students of Arts and the Child will be performing a Puppet Play
based on a Chinese folk-tale.
Please see flyer for details.


Students of Arts and the Child will be perfoming a Puppet Play based on a Chinese folk-story.

Please see flyer for the Tai Ji Workshop and Lunar New Year Celebration