Arts and the Child


All children begin their lives singing and dancing, painting and making things. Later in life, this natural ability becomes suppressed and often lost. This class will nourish the inner child of the students and reach out to children in the community. Through experiences in visual and performing arts, students will understand the importance of the arts in the development of a child. The fall quarter will be devoted to the pre-school child with a special focus on puppetry and storytelling.

Two credits each will be awarded in child development and education, expressive arts, puppetry and storytelling, and community service.


Quote for the day: The view from the floor.
It is simply that the view from the floor, filled though it is with misunderstandings, is also the purest, the matrix whose content it is so difficult to change latter on. The impact of things seen and heard from the carpet is red hot, and returns with a far greater shock of truth, when recalled, because these visions are our very own, our private misunderstandings of reality, shared by no one else, and are thus the soil of poetry, which is our freedom to alter mere facts. From misunderstandings, more then from anything beautifully learned out of respect for culture, the treads unwind that spin the uniqueness of each artist’s vision, promising implicitly, to remake the world all new.
From Arthur Miller, “Timebends: A life