Arts and the Child


Week 1

Search the www for good stories about Osiris.
For an example of www story telling you can look at Joyce Tenneson's work.

Week 2

Some popular educational theories. Students should become familiar with Jean Piaget, Howard Gardener, and John Dewey's theories.
Reggio Emilio and Maria Montessori's Approach to EnvironmentL
to The Reggio Emilia Approach to Learning
Project Approach can allow teachers to center education on relevant and contemporary issues.
Rudolf Steiner had profound insights into child development. His educational ideas are developed in Waldorf Curriculum.
Many of Rudolf Steiner's lectures could found in his archive on www, and Waldorf resources.

Week 3

Look for some good pictures explaining brain architecture and processes.

Week 4

Our class is sponsoring the world premier of the film Indigo Children.

Week 5

Our focus this week is on Brain and Perception. Study a good brain image and an image of the eye. Our eye can be trained to perceive reality in different Perspective systems. How do we perceive color is a fascinating mystery.

There is extensive literature on meaning and interpretations of Fairy Tales. A good site to know about is SurLaLane. This site has great pictures too.

Please read 3 Little Pigs at

You can also read the Annotated 3Little Pigs at SurLaLane site and psychoanalytical interpreatation of Bruno Bettelheim.

Week 6

For the Day of the Dead potluck/celebration at the Organic Farmhouse bring some traditional food and something for the altar.

Week 7

Portrait of the Child

Week 8 and 9

Work continues on the Research Paper and Puppet Show.