Email: Go to www.hotmail.com. Set up a new account.  Give yourself the User name of (first name) + (last one or 2 initials) + chr,,  ie  abvechr@hotmail.com Use this account to email me at my address.  I will add you to the class email list found on the home page for the course.

WebX:  Follow the link from the home page to WebX. You may need to register.  Play with your Preferences.

FTP software:  You will need a way to get your work up to the web server.  This will take a software program like WS_FTP or cuteFTP.  You can get a trial version of cuteFTP at www.cutpftp.com The server name is:  academic.evergreen.edu  Your user name can be found by going to:  grace.evergreen.edu/faqs.html.  Your web address will be: academic.evergreen.edu.  Your home folder will be the first letter of your last name and your user name..  IE Bill Smith will be at:   academic.evergreen.edu/s/(username).

Instant Messenger: download Messenger 7.0 at: http://messenger.msn.com/

Make sure you add me to your contact list in the messenger program.  You will have the names of the other students in the class on the website soon.  Add them to your contact list. Try to talk with me Tuesday evening.

Make sure you can run the HTML code examples on your computer. Get help right away if needed.


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