French Courses

Course Descriptions:


This course is designed for students with no previous experience. It emphasizes mastery of basic skills though interactive learning. Classes are lively and conducted primarily in French. Students practice all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Within this context there is an emphasis on accurate pronunciation, useful vocabulary and situational role-play. Winter quarter emphasizes oral practice through poetry and fables. Students work on reading and grammatical syntax through the introduction of legends and tales from Francophone countries.

Faux Débutant – Advanced Beginning

This course is designed for beginners a bit beyond very beginning stages, those with limited previous experience or knowledge of basic French (faux debutant). It will give students opportunities to review and improve basic oral and written skills in a variety of everyday situations using readily understandable language. Students will learn through interactive speaking, role play, cultural videos and complete immersion into a 100% French-speaking environment.

Prerequisites: Some exposure to basic French.


This course emphasizes grammar review and development of conversational skills. Themes include a multi-dimensional approach through film, music, poetry and art. Students work on spontaneity in role-play, short stories readings, theater scenes and enhancement of their writing skills. Classes are interactive and conducted entirely in French.

Advanced French Studies

This level is offered only through Program study offered bi-annually, or through Contract study.

Château Suze-La-Rousse, Provence

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