Geology and Art: Getting Grounded

Sketches and Watecolors by James Hutton (1726-1797)

This program is an introductory study of the Earth, through both geology and art. We will use both disciplines as tools to observe, describe and understand the natural world and to convey concepts, research and personal insights to others. We will consider the relationship of geologic time and processes to our human experience of time and change in an individual life. Geologic time and evidence of the Earth's dynamic past are recorded in the rock like an incomplete but never-ending book - a book that describes the paleogeography, climate, bio-diversity and tectonic evolution of a region. To read this book and convey the information to others, an understanding of the language and how the language developed is needed. Students will be introduced to physical geology during several daylong excursions and an overnight field trip to central Washington. To improve skills in observing and conveying information, students will learn techniques and aesthetic principles in drawing. Students will learn techniques for keeping an illustrated field notebook and for creating finished artworks, ranging from descriptive illustrations to expressive works. Students will also have the opportunity to learn basic ceramics skills.



Ken Tabbutt
Lab II 2264
Susan Aurand
Lab I 2022


Weekly Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Geology Lecture and Workshop
9-12 Sem II A1107

2-4 Sem II B2107 Sem II B3107

or Art History Lecture
Sem II A1107

Ceramics Studio till 8

Ceramics (Group A)
9-12 Ceramics Studio

Drawing Workshop (A & B)
1-4Art Annex, Studio 2103

Ceramics Studio 3-8

Ceramics (Group B)
9-12 Ceramics Studio

Ceramics Studio 12-8

Geology Lab (A)
9-12 Lab I 1047

Geology Lab (B)
1:30-4:30 Lab I 1047

Ceramics Studio 3-8

Ceramics Studio 1-4

Required Readings
Skinner, B. J., Porter, S. C., and Park, J., 2004, Dynamic Earth, An Introduction to Physical Geology: John Wiley & Sons. (ISBN 0-471-15228-5)
Rhodes, D., 2000, Clay and Glazes for the Potter: Krause Publications (ISBN 0-87341-869-8)
McPhee, J., 1971, Encounters with the Archdruid: Noonday (ISBN 0-374-51431-3)
Schmoe, F., 1999, A Year in Paradise: The Mountaineers (ISBN )
Rudwick, M., 1992, Scenes from Deep Time: University of Chicago Press (ISBN 0-226-73105-7)


Supply List

Geology Lecture and Lab Notes

Art Lecture and Slides

Field Trips

Mount Rainier
Central Washington
Staircase, Olympic Mountains
Washington Coast





Possible Scholorship: North Seattle Rock Club awards a scholarship.. The scholarships are $1,500 each and the NSRC has two to offer.  If anyone is interested y ou should phone Lenny Saladi 366-0223 (Lenny is a woman) or Pauline Weller 363-2443. They chair the scholarship committee. I couldn't find a web site for the NSRC.

Photo by Alex Estell

Photo by Aaron Cohen

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