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The fight of David and Goliath

Announcements (Updated 3/7):
(announcements from previous weeks are here)
Hey guys, I said I would put up my lecture slides and then forgot to do it. Here they are: Latitude, Ironic Democracy and Senescence.
The password to open these files is the last name of the author of the book you are reading for Monday. If you have any trouble downloading or opening the files then E-mail me.

Here is the Cargo Cult Science article I mentioned on Monday.

Here are the extreamly important papers The Death of Environmentalism and Is Environmentalism Dead?

Here are your questions for Monday

Some excellent electronic resources:

The CIA World Factbook

U.S. Census       (Washington State Fast Facts, facts by county)

Slate Magazine

The New York Times        (NYT Zeitgeist)

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

The Guardian (U.K.)

The Los Angeles Times

The Daily Star (Lebanon)

BBC News (U.K.)

PBS News hour

The Washington Post       (WP Zeitgeist)

Downloads and Links:
The Evergreen Climate Change Conference.

Climate Hot Map

An article on the Ten Worst Coprporations of 2005.

Marples paper on Chernobyl.

Directions to UOW main library.



Hexidecimal Color Codes

HTML CheatSheet

Basic HTML Tutorial

More HTML Tutorials and

The Declaration of Independance and Constitution of the U.S.

The Tragedy of the Commons

Here's the leaked Pentagon memo on global warming.

For the petrolium industry, uncertainty is victory.

Bill Moyers recent speech.

Red Files

Lecture slides on the evolution of morality. And here is a link David Lahti and Bret Weinstein's paper on the evolution of morality.
Dr. Lahti has also written an essay on page 96 of your textbook.

A report on the arctic impacts of global warming.
(This file is 14+ megabytes. I suggest downloading it on campus, where it will go quickly. In any case, be patient. Thanks to Geordie for this.)

Weblog: The Origin of Specious

The current schedule.

Bret's Study Guide for exam 1.

Here is David's key to the First Workshop, and key to Population Fun Workshop.

Comments and suggestions should be sent to Bret Weinstein
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