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Web Site Development Notes

January 30, 2006

New updates are happening to this web page. Specifically, I am reorganizing and reformatting. Forget about the old super long list of posts on the left hand column. That was cumbersome and it creates unnecessary code. Instead I am cramming the last few posts on this page, and throwing all the other posts in an "Old Posts" section. That way no one needs to click to the next old post and worry whether or not the link will work.

I am also working on fixing all of the broken links that are in the handouts section. That task will take some time, if there is anything that you desperately need please ask me, and I will e-mail you the requested handout.


August 31, 2005

There are now some handouts for Fall Quarter (student teaching) available. Click on the Handouts link just above and then on Fall 2005.

May 16, 2005

I did a number of fun posting today. I finished posting the links to everyone's websites and I also posted Simona's biography. I probably could have accomplished so much more if wasn't sick and moving at a slower rate than usual. Anyway, you can check out everyone's website now. The Salmon groups is the best so far, even though the poetry group would have you think otherwise. Also you should go and see the last Star Wars movie with everyone this coming monday. I know I'm going, and I'm excited about spending money on a bad movie.


May 9, 2005

After a few weeks of various problems regarding the server and my prescence in town, the website is back to being updated on a regular basis. I spent most of today working on the Curriculum button, updating websites and such. If you haven't sent me your web site link yet, and you havn't talked to me, you are a very bad person. I'll try to find a space in my black heart to forgive you. Send me your links even if you have a blank page.

Also I will be staying after school and Tuesday to help people with their web page. So if you need help, talk to me, and I'll tell you where we are meeting. Other than that, have a good week and get it done.


April 18, 2005

The new pictures of everyone are now online. Now we don't have to look at those lovely mug shots from the beginning of the year. If I didn't get a picture of you and everyone still does have to look at your mug shot, then I am sorry. To fix this simply send me your best headshot via e-mail and I'll fix it right away.

I have also fixed the links that were plagueing the curriculum checklist and curriculum development pages. You can now download them as .doc or .rtf documents. I have also posted a few more things on the handouts page. Mainly the Spring field guide and the Theory and Practice that everyone has been worrying about.

The Theory and Practice can also be downloaded here. It is only in .pdf format so you'll have to work out on your own how to either get it from home, or print it from school. If anyone has the free time to hand re-type it in word feel free to do that and send me a copy. Otherwise .pdf is all we're getting.