Evaluation Conferences

All of your work is due on May 27th: project in final form and hard-copy, last postings, and a draft of your self-evaluation.

I will find time to discuss what I want in your self-evaluation, but the gist of it is that you show what you have learned. I require you to include a self-evaluation in your transcript. Following our conference, plan to finish your eval and put it on the usual form before you leave town. Please leave three signed copies with me by Thursday morning, June 9.

You also need to write an evaluation of me, which I prefer to receive either at the end of our conference or with your self-evaluation final copy. This is not optional. I'm required to have these in my own portfolio, and I value student suggestions about how I might improve my work.

Here's the schedule of conferences. For those who are scheduled for June 7 and 8, please be aware that I may push these off to June 8 and 9. If I do that, I will let you know right away, and I will maintain the order already set up. (In other words, the conferences for the 7th might occur on the 8th, those for the 8th might occur on the 9th.)


Tuesday, May 31
9:00 E. Avery B
9:30 Daniel
10:00 Jeremy
10:30 Erik O
11:00 Rebecca

Wednesday, June 1
9:00 Eric S
9:30 Melissa
10:00 Julie
10:30 Heather
11:00 Kate Gray

Thursday, June 2
9:00 Ashley
9:30 Colin
10:00 Jen
10:30 Kyle
11:00 Matt

Tuesday, June 7
9:00 Nick
9:30 Mark
10:00 Katie G
10:30 Josie
11:00 Stephen

Wednesday, June 8
9:00 Ken
9:30 Kevin
10:00 John
10:30 Katherine
11:00 Avery W







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Last Updated: 05/11/2005