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If you missed class on 26 February, here is your make-up work:
  1. Write out your responses to the reading questions (pdf format, 28KB) for the Boylan book.
  2. Translate the following sentence, from Foucault pp. 92-93, into more comprehensible English (and preferably more than one sentence).

“Power must be understood in the first instance as the multiplicity of
force relations immanent in the sphere in which they operate and which
constitute their own organization: as the process which, through
ceaseless struggle and confrontations, transforms, strengthens, or even
reverses them; as the support which these force relations find in one
another, thus forming a chain or a system, or on the contrary, the
disjunctions and contradictions which isolate them from one another; and
lastly, as the strategies in which they take effect, whose general
design or institutional crystallization is embodied in the state
apparatus, in the formulation of the law, in the various social hegemonies.”

Lori's notes on Foucault might help.
This review of Joan Roughgarden's book Evolution's Rainbow provides a good summary of the key ideas.
The poster doesn’t need to be elaborate. The exact size isn’t important, as long as it’s large enough for you to present the information clearly. Something you can roll up would probably be most convenient, and then we can tape or pin them to the wall. I recommend that it be done so that someone can look at it for 5 or 10 seconds and know what it’s about, though not necessarily what it actually says on that topic. Then I would have some well-organized text, about 100 words, maybe 150, that summarizes the key points of the paper (yes, it is possible). For those who are interested in more details, you could have some additional text, maybe 200 to 300 (max) words (about a half to a full page double spaced, 14 to 16 point type).

Please use large type: at least 24 pt for the title and 18 for the text. I’m guessing – the idea is to make it comfortably readable for someone standing four or five feet away. Yes, crowds will gather around your poster.

We’re much more interested in content than style, so we prefer that it not be fancy. If there is an image or a graphic that would help to quickly clue the reader in, then that’s good, but it doesn’t need any decoration. If there are any data that you can summarize graphically or in a table, that can be an effective way to present information.

Please remember that the poster is not intended to contain all the information that’s in your paper. It’s to show other people what you worked on. There will be time for talking with each other for those who want more information.

I hope this helps. And don’t forget the potluck!