Beginning Ballet
at The Evergreen State College

Beginning Ballet I

Instructor: Jehrin Alexandria

2 Credits
Course Description:
In this course, students will learn fundamentals of ballet and gain greater physical flexibility and coordination. In addition, we will practice developmental movement therapy, therapeutic exercises and visualization, and learn to apply them to achieve heightened awareness of self through movement both in and outside class. Lecture is a part of the class time. Ballet slippers are manditory as is a $5.00 class fee for a dance aid.

Beginning Ballet II
Prerequisite is knowledge of basic ballet steps or Beg. Ballet I

2 Credits
Course Description:
In this continuing course students will review the basic ballet steps and start to develop more challenging combinations at the barre and in the center. Pilates and other exercise techniques will be introduced in order to help the student warm up before class and practice at home. Ballet slippers as well reading "The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar" by Roald Dahl are manditory.

Credit is given for attendance(9 out of 10 classes),self eval and any reading.

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