Week One



How to Brief a Case

Sample Case Brief

Week Two

Federal District Court Directory

U.S. Courts of Appeals Directory

Court Reporters

Basic Citations

Week Three

Cases for the Appellate Advocacy Project

Appelalte Brief: Developing the Statement of the Case

Components of the Appellate Brief (Rules of the Evergreen Supreme Court)

Appellate Brief: Developing the Questions Presented

Sample Questions Presented: VMI Case

Week Four

Appellate Brief: Developing the Argument

Week Five

Joint Counsel Conferences with the Chief Justice (Appointments)

Week Six

Sample Appellate Brief: No permission to upload; see Jose for a copy

Week Seven

No handouts this week

Week Eight

Appelalte Brief: Writing the Conclusion(s) and Summary of the Argument

Week Nine

Appellate Advocacy: Presenting the Oral Argument

Worksheet for Justice Preparing to Hear Oral Arguments

Worksheet for Use During Oral Argument (non-justices)

Week Ten


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