Homework for Technology Sessions on Thursdays

For week 8 (11/17)

Find, locate and read one literature review that is relevant to the topic that you are interested in.  Write a reflection that addresses:

  1. What are 2-3 significant things that you learned about the topic by reading the review?
  2. What seem to be the big issues addressed in the literature review?  What are the big questions that the review focused around?  What are the points of debate/contention ?
  1. What are some of the things that you need to practice/learn in order to make meaning out of articles such as these?

I will collect these on Thursday.

In addition, you should keep perusing the literature for possible useful articles that meet the criteria of the final assignment.  Take a gander in Sociology Abstracts and Ethnic News Watch.  Notice what seems similar/different in the types of resources you are finding through these databases/indexes.


For week 6 (11/3/05)

  1. Find three articles on ERIC relevant to your topic of interest.
  2. Identify the descriptors used on ERIC for your topic of interest.
  3. Fill out research log grid.

For week 3 (10/13/05)

  1. Practice getting on to Dreamweaver and connecting the local to the remote computer (myelinate those neurons!).
  1. Examine at webpages from the previous cycle of MIT students. Notice (i) the kinds of things they put on the web page; (ii) how they organized their web page; and (iii) what you thought was more or less effective/useful in them.
  1. Read the rubric and web-page assignment
  1. Draw a picture of what your future homepage will look like and contain.(Remember don't get fancy this time round. Think of the web page like you would a Word document: linear and list like, no columns or tables yet, pictures are okay)

If you want to put a picture other than the one that is stored on our web-crossing site on to your web page, remember to bring a scanned picture with you. You can email it to yourself as an attachment or else bring it on a disk.

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