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Feb 28: Oral presentations of your candidacy paper research will be in weeks 9 and 10. Almost everyone has signed up; the schedule is downloadable here. If you have not yet signed up, you need to do so asap; talk to Heather in class. Students giving their presentations in week 9 have their papers due on Tuesday of week 10; those giving their presentations in week 10 have their papers due on Tuesday of week 9. That's very soon.

January 24: PER has space on MASU, one of Evergreen's internal servers, where you can pick up materials not available on the web (e.g. Heather's ppt lectures), and also store your own work there. Access is restricted to students enrolled in PER, so this is a secure site. This also means that you only have access when you're not on a TESC machine if you or your computer are savvy about off-site access.

Schedule and Readings

Tues, Jan 10
Introductions, Overview of PER & candidacy papers
Workshop: Candidacy papers, paraphrasing
Thurs, Jan 12
Lecture (HH): Threats to terrestrial ecosystems (1 of 2)
Lewis et al, 2004. Fingerprinting the impacts of global change on tropical forests.
Workshop: drivers of global change
Tues, Jan 17
Lect (HH): Threats to terrestrial ecosystems (2 of 2)
Duncan et al 2003. The ecology of bird introductions. AND
Four (short) articles on repopulating North America with large, native mammals: Donlan et al 2005. Responses 1 & 2 to Donlan. Responses 3 & 4 to Donlan. Response 5 to Donlan.
Seminar: Introduced species & repopulating with native species
Thurs, Jan 19
Lect (HH): Viral evolution and emerging diseases
Eaton et al 2002
Khasnis & Nettleman 2005
Workshop: evolution of virulence, and interactions between global warming and epidemiology
Tues, Jan 24
Lect (PD): Energy (1 of 2)
Energies (by Smil)
Thurs, Jan 26
Lect (PD): Energy (2 of 2)
Campbell on Peak Oil
Lynch: debunking the Hubbert Model (a website)
Workshop: Hubbard's Peak
Tues, Jan 31
Lect (PD): Sustainable development: footprints and limits
Greening the North (1st 80 pp)
Thurs, Feb 2
Lect (PD): The sustainability concept
Energy Independence article (The New York Times, Feb 2, 2006)
Workshop: Global resource consumption
Tues, Feb 7
Lect (AC): Biogeochemical cycles
Workshop: local biogeochemical cycles and governmental regulation
Thurs, Feb 9
Critical film analysis (Cane Toads), plus discussion of amphibian life history parameters
Morrison & Hero 2003. Geographic variation in life history characteristics of amphibians: a review.
Adams 2000. Pond permanence and the effects of exotic vertebrates on anurans.
Workshop: Preparing PowerPoint presentations.
Tues, Feb 14
Lect (HH): Amphibian life histories and global amphibian declines
Young et al, 2001. Population declines and priorities for amphibian conservation in Latin America.
Collins & Storfer, 2003. Global amphibian declines: sorting the hypotheses.
Workshop: causes of and cures for global amphibian declines
Thurs, Feb 16
Lect (PD): Population and demography
A Concise History of World Population (Bacci)
Seminar: world population
Tues, Feb 21
Lect (AC): Ocean ecosystems & humans at the ocean's edge
Woodard chapters 1, 2, & 5
The Estuary's Gift
Pretty 2003. Social capital and the collective management of resources.
Thurs, Feb 23
Lect (AC): Pollution and ocean dumping
Woodard chapters 4, 6, & 7
This Fine Piece of Water, AND
Stoms et al, 2005. Integrated coastal reserve planning: making the land-sea connection.
Tues, Feb 28
Lect (AC): Ocean fisheries
Woodard chapter 3
Workshop: Mixed stock and fishery regulation
Fisheries reading packet
Thurs, Mar 2
Lect (PD): Economics of fisheries
Pauly et al, 2002. Towards sustainability on marine fisheries. AND
Socioeconomic perspectives on Marine Fisheries in the United States
Tues, Mar 7
Student presentations; schedule TBA
Thurs, Mar 9
Tues, Mar 14
Thurs, Mar 16

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