Bombay, India--Migrations

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Jack Hirschman
Poet, translator and activist
Tuesday, April 11, Location TBA

Olympia Social Forum
“What is Olympia’s Responsibility to Global Society?”
Saturday, May 20, Location TBA

Reconstructing New Orleans Symposium
May 26-28, TESC Long House

Ports, Borders, and Labor in the PNW
38th annual Conference of the Pacific Northwest Labor History Association
June 2-4, The Evergreen State College

PESC Headlines:

Big Cuts to Federal Student Loan Programs

Breaking News: Luisita union leader shot dead

Over 100,000 March in Chicago to Protest Immigration Reform Bill in One of Biggest Pro-Immigrant Rallies in U.S. History

Autonomous Village Under Siege by Korean Troops

Conditions of Women and Children: A Gauge of Poverty

The Bamako Appeal

Why the United States Promotes India’s Great-Power Ambitions

Sites of the Week:

Coalition for Professional Law and Border Enforcement

Time Magazine Photo Essay "After the Raid"

Iran Body Count

Power: People Organized to Win Employment Rights

South Central Farmers

IBON Foundation

Music of the Mill Review

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Political Economy & Social Change:
From Colonization to Globalization

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Video: Subcomandante Marcos Goes to Jail

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Incarceration Atlas

Iraq Oil Infrastructure

Latin America's Year of Elections

Bubble Trouble Graphic from D&S

From The Harper's Index

Number of years the United States could meet its energy needs by burning all its trees: 1

Estimated number of Americans who make fake Indian arrowheads: 5,000

Number of arrowheads they produce each year: 1,500,000

Number of product placements on U.S. network TV shows in prime time last year: 101,212

Total service charges collected by U.S. banks in 2004: $32,000,000,000

Factor by which this exceeds the total from 1994: 2

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