Political Economy and Social Change: From Colonization to Globalization

Winter Writing Assignments


In the winter quarter there will be three types of program writing.

  • Research project:

We will continue work on the research projects.  A rough draft in the form of a complete paper, including footnotes and bibliography, is due Friday 10 February.  Your faculty sponsor will read, critique, and discuss your paper with your as quickly as possible.  The final revised paper is due Friday 10 March.


  • Program writing:

There will be one synthesis essay written on the program material and revised if necessary.  It is due Friday 3 February. This is an essay of synthesis and interpretation, five-to-six pages of analysis and synthesis that will enable you to bring clarity to and develop your own interpretative analysis of major themes introduced through the program content.  The essay should state, develop, and support a thesis or well-formed argument.  Evidence should be drawn from the program books, articles, films, and lectures.  The essay questions and more detailed guidelines will be handed out at least a week prior to the due dates.


  • Program Journal: 

We will continue with the Program Journal in which you develop your own analysis, synthesis, and assessment of each week’s program material, including the New York Times.  Each week’s entry should be at least three pages.  Journals are due on Friday 20 January, Friday 3 February, and Friday 3 March.  Your Journal is another place to demonstrate your understanding of and ability to work with the program material.


  • Media Analysis: 

There will be a written media analysis, which will be due on Friday 3 February as a part of your journal.  This will consist of reading and watching the mass media for part of one day and analyzing the content.  Further details will be given out during the media workshop in week two.




Synthesis Writing Assignment