Adolescent Literature

Adolescent Literature

Summer 2007

Program Overview

Adolescent literature differs from children's literature to meet the developmental needs of middle and high school ages.   Participants will learn about: adolescent literature in an historical perspective, young adult development in reading, and genres with representative authors and selection criteria.   Participants will read and critique a variety of genre, developing a knowledge base of a variety of current authors, themes and classroom uses.   Meets teaching endorsement requirements for middle level humanities and secondary English/Language Arts.

Learning Goals

The student will gain an understanding adolescent literature in a historical perspective.

The student will gain an understanding of young adult development and their reading.

The student will gain an understanding of genres of adolescent literature with representative authors and selection criteria.


•  Read Assigned Chapters in Nilsen & Donelson each week, and write a 2-page summary for each chapter.

•  Create a list of SELECTION CRITERIA based on Donelson and Nilsen) for each genre of literature (realistic, poetry, drama, humor, adventure, sports, mystery, supernatural, fantasy, science fiction, uptopias and dystopias, historical, biography, autobiography, nonfiction).

•  Provide an ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY of LITERATURE CARDS (based on given format) of at least 25 books (as per representation list) of various genre as well as a critique of why these chosen books meet the selection criteria. Books selected MUST be mentioned in the text, on the list of authors given, or approved by Terry before including.

•  Create a list of APPROPRIATE AUTHORS (by selection criteria) for each genre.

•  Present 1 author BOOKTALK.

•  Read 2 books each week for literature cards and be prepared to share in class.


Terry Ford

Sem II A3102


Required Text

Alleen Pace Nilsen and Kenneth L. Donelson. (2004).   Literature for Today's Young Adults .   (7 th Edition). Allyn & Bacon. ISBN: 0205410359

Credits:   2 or 4 Adolescent Literature

Note: There is NO workload difference from the 2 or 4 credit option. The syllabus is the same, it IS the workload of a 4 credit class, but those needing to only pay for 2 credits may do so.

Schedule:   Mondays 9am-1pm First Session   Sem II E 2107

Assignment:   Students must read Chapters 1,2,3 AND 10 in the Donelson & Nilsen text BEFORE the first class session.   Textbook must be brought to class every session.

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