This program has a 2-8 credit option. 2 credits will be awarded for full participation in classroom activities and self-evaluation requirements; 4 credits will be awarded for full participation plus the completion of the following course assignments. Attendance is mandatory..

1-Student Self-Evaluation and Faculty Evaluation: Students registered for academic credit must complete an official student self-evaluation, of which two additional copies must be submitted by the student directly to the Registration Office. An evaluation conference is optional, but students must submit a faculty evaluation. EE participants must complete an EE and CME/CE evaluation forms.

For students registered for 4 or more credits the above evaluations plus the following are due in the faculty mailbox no later than 5 PM, Friday, July 27th. No late work will be accepted.

2-Body Map: Students registered for academic credit must submit their body map with a brief 200-600 word reflection on what they learned from creating their map. This reflection should reference David Levin’s chapter in CH (“Meaning and the History of the Body,” p. 93+) by demonstrating at least one way in which the body map of your experience illustrates the body as a “discursive formation.”

3-Healing Story: Students registered for more than two academic credits must submit a final healing story developed from the draft work completed in class. This story should follow the examples provided by each chapter/story of Remen’s Kitchen Table Wisdom. The stories should be 3-5 pages in length and conform to standard conventions of scholarship (e.g., word-processed, double-spaced, proofed for spelling and grammar).

4-Evaluation and Assessment Worksheets: Students registered for academic credit must complete and submit this collection of exercises.

Additional credits, for a maximum total of 8 credits: Students may pursue any area of interest for additional credit through any form of inquiry of relevance to the themes, texts, and activities of Consciousness and Healing. All students registered for more than 4 credits must submit answers to the following questions to the faculty no later than 12 noon, Thursday, July 19th. Please email your responses to the Sarah Williams:


Students planning to develop an independent study project are encouraged to meet with the faculty during office hours:

Tuesday, July 3rd, 10-12

Friday, July 6th, 3-5

Tuesday, July 10th, 12-2

Friday, July 13th, 10-12

Tuesday, July 17th, 10-12

Friday, July 20th 10-12

Evaluation meetings, which are optional, will be scheduled the week of July 30th.