Week Date handed out Title & subject (download pdfs here)
1 Tues, Jan 9 H1: General Information
H2: Brief Syllabus (revised January 14)
H3: Expanded Syllabus
H4: Covenant
H5: Research Beats
H6: student questionnaire
Thurs, Jan 11 H7: False positives workshop
H8: Study Questions 1 (due in class Tuesday, Jan 16)
2 Tues, Jan 16 List of research beats, study groups, and evaluating faculty
Wed, Jan 17 H9: Lecture notes-Evolution, take 1
Thurs, Jan 18 H10: Essay questions set 1 (due by Email to your evaluating faculty on Wednesday, January 24th, by 5:00 pm
3 Mon, Jan 22 H11: Zoo trip
Wed, Jan 24 H12: Study questions 2 (due in class Tuesday, Jan 30)
4 Thurs, Feb 1 H13: Lecture notes--Evolution through the lens of poison frogs
H14: Study questions 3 (due in class Tuesday, Feb 6, along with all other study question answers and quiz #1)
5 Mon, Feb 5 H15: Questions for Museum of Flight field trip (due in class Tuesday, Feb 6)
Wed, Feb 7 Key to Quiz 2 (not handed out; this will help you learn from past quizzes as you study for the next two)
Thurs, Feb 8 H16: Lecture notes--tropics, seasons, and biogeography
H17: Study questions #4 (due Feb 13), and essay set 2 (due Monday Feb 12)
6 Wed, Feb 14 H18: Research beat week 7 checkpoint (due to your evaluating faculty Tues, Feb 20)
Thur, Feb 15 H19: Study questions #5 (due Feb 20)
7 Wed, Feb 21 Key to Quiz 3 (not handed out; this will help you learn from past quizzes as you study for the final one)
Thur, Feb 22 H20: Lecture notes--human evolution, agriculture, appetite
H21: Study questions #6 (due Feb 27), and essay set 3 (due Monday, Feb 26)
8 Thurs, March 1 H22: Study questions #7 (due March 6)
9 Tues, March 6 H23: Portfolio checklist (due March 13)
Thurs, March 8 H24: Study questions #8 (due March 13) and final essay (due March 12)
10 Tues, March 13 H25: Program description
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