2006-07 Heritage - Quotes/links of the year
A spring presentation
K Simone first year Heritage learner
from quality school to quality housing to quality community
Robin Hood, ILC learnei
Tyler, Heritage student
Johnny, Heritage learner
Johnny, Heritage learner
Justin, ILContract learner
"The toughest part is freedom is extricating oneself from one's own self-image."
Sherri Anderson
"I can help you to a certain point, it's up to you to let go of the [sickness]."
Dr. J.T. Garrett
"Our wretched species is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road."
Mental Illness is NO EXCUSE for Bad Manners. A. R.
From Paulo
"One subverts democracy (even though one does this in the name of democracy) by making it irrational; by making it rigid in order "to defend it against totalitarian rigidity"; by making it hateful, when it can only develop in a context of love and respect for persons; by closing it, when it only lives in openness; by nourishing it with fear when it must be couragious; by making it an instrument of the powerful in the oppression of the weak; by militarizing it against the people; by alienating a nation in the name of democracy.

One defends democracy by leading it to the state Mannheim calls "militant democracy"- a democracy which does not fear the people, which suppress privilege, which can plan without becoming rigid, which defends itself without hate, which is nourished by a critical spirit rather than irrationality."

p.58; Paulo Freire, Education For Critical Conciousness, 1973

p.58; Paulo Freire, Education For Critical Conciousness, 1973
"If it is in the way; it is the way"
"The most potent weapon the oppressor has in his hands, is the mind of the oppressed."
"The battle for liberation now is not fought in the battlefield; it is fought in our own mind."
"Extremely oppressed people may offer their lives for an idea; extremely free people are not afraid of dying."
"Human beings, just like any animal in the kingdom, are born learners and they grow as such until human adults send them to school to be taught and to be told what to do and to become students. Of the billions, very few re-gain their nature as learners."
Our main goal in our program is to facilitate a situation that will allow our students have access to their own minds...
"do you mean your students can think out of the box? like these people?