The Evergreen State College

Innovation and Leadership in American Business

Beyond Business as Usual

Winter 2007


This two-quarter program will deal with creativity in business – how businesses respond to new opportunities, create new goods and services and develop new processes and organizational schemes.  We will examine business practices, including such traditional topics as accounting and finance, organizational development and organizational behavior, marketing, economics, business history and ethics.  But always our focus will be on the new and particularly on the roles of leadership and entrepreneurship in dealing with and bringing about change.

In winter quarter we will turn our attention to managerial accounting, organizational change and macroeconomics while continuing to investigate innovation and leadership in business.  We will focus our efforts, also, on two issues of current interest, sustainability and globalization.

Students who complete the program can expect to gain a solid introduction to business and management as a possible basis for more advanced study or for jobs in the private sector, government or non-profit organizations.  They will also understand some of the emerging issues in the relationship between business and the larger society.


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