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Bill Bruner
SEM II, C2102
Mail: SEM II A2117

Janet Mobus
SEM II, D2112
Mail: SEM II A2117

Marge Mohoric
SEM II, A2108
Mail: SEM II A2117
Bill Bruner is an economist and has been a member of the Evergreen faculty for 25 years. He teaches economics, business, management and quantitative methods.  At Evergreen he spent more than ten years in administrative positions, serving as both Library and Budget Dean. Prior to coming to Evergreen, he worked in economic development, economic research, planning in both the public and private sectors and consulting in forest economics. When he is not teaching he enjoys photography, hiking, race walking, cooking and a new granddaughter. He has been known to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
Janet Luft Mobus, PhD, CPA, is new to Evergreen but has taught accounting for 15 years, most recently at UW Tacoma. Before joining the ranks of academe she practiced public accounting as an auditor, and was the controller and Chief Financial Officer of a small aerospace manufacturing company. In addition to traditional financial accounting, she is interested in social and environmental accounting techniques and issues. When she’s not at school she enjoys hiking, cross-country skiing, gardening (successfully growing several crops of weeds per year), and tennis (not much caring if the ball stays inside the lines or not).
Marge Mohoric, PhD has taught leadership and business strategy at Evergreen, Seattle University, Antioch University-Seattle, and the University of Oregon. During the 05-06 academic year she taught in Evergreen’s Master’s Degree in Public Administration program. In addition to teaching, Marge is a partner in a consulting business, providing Organizational Development and Leadership consulting to public, non-profit and for-profit organizations. Following her leadership positions in Washington State government, she was selected to design and manage a Fortune 100 company's Executive Leadership Institute created to change the corporate culture and to position the company as the best in class. A native of the Northwest Marge enjoys the great outdoors, hiking, biking and kayaking. She is an Evergreen graduate.

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