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The Evergreen State College
Last Updated: 06/12/2007

Year End Portfolios and Conferences

I. Please organize you portfolio by quarters: in the order spring, winter, fall

II. The section for each quarter should contain:

a. A record of missing work, or work submitted a week late or more.

b. A statement of which essays represent your best work and why you value that work.

c. Essays – organized week by week, with rewrites accompanying first drafts submitted.

d. Critical comments you have written – again, week by week, clearly identifying the essay critiqued.  If no essay was available, please note this.

III. Self-evaluation:

a. Include one or more clear and concise illustrations of what you learned while pursuing one or more of our principle themes.

b. Using concrete examples, illustrate your development as a reader, writer and participant in small group discussions.  Relate this both to seminar discussion and writing groups.

IV. Portfolios and conferences:

a. Portfolios (at 9am, please)

i. Coming in on June 4: Alex, Carolyn, and Eric

ii. Coming in on June 5: Andrew, Dan Bu, Stephen

iii. All others in on June 8

b. Conferences:

i. Monday, June 11

11 Alex
12 Andrew
1 Carolyn
2 Eric

ii. Tuesday, June 12:

10:15 Eamonn
11 Stephen
12 Katie
1 Dan Bu
2 Brooke

iii. Wednesday, June 13:

11 Dan Br
12 Conrad
1 Kai

iv. Thursday, June 14:

10:30 Sam
11 Arland
12 Kayty
1 Max
2 Jacob

v. Friday, June 15:

10 Robert
11 Allison
12 Ben

vi. Monday, June 18:

10 Lisa
11 Mark