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The Evergreen State College
Last Updated: 04/02/2007

On Line Resources

This page provides links to a resources on line that support our curriculum. If you come across sites you think others might find useful, please send me an email with the URLs, and I will post them.

Writing Resources:

The Evergreen Writing Center
The Elements of Style
11 Rules of Writing
Grammar Handbooks
Dartmouth Writing Program

Philosophy and Classics Resources:

Philosophy Pages
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Sophia Project (Molloy College)
Perseus Project (Tufts University)

Spring Quarter

Here are links now removed from the home page:

Letter from Kylen, regarding his Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (please read this .pdf file)

Andrew recommends this article on God, science and consciousness, "Is God All in Your Head?"

The Mind-World Lyris List is now complete. You can email everyone in the program by selecting this link or by sending an email to: <>

Frege, Gottlob. "On sense and reference"
Russell, Bertrand. "On Denoting"

Winter Quarter
(Please understand that these are only notes I used while lecturing and not transcripts of what I said.)

Notes on Chuck's talk on Kant, Feb. 26, on "self" (link to .pdf file)
Selections from Hume's Treatise of Human Nature used in lecture (link to .pdf file)

Notes on Chuck's talk on Kant, Feb. 22, on "objects" (link to .pdf file)

Notes on Chuck's talk on Kant, Feb. 15. on "transcendental unity of apperceptio" (link to .pdf file)

Notes on Chuck's talk on Kant, Feb. 5, on "transcendental deduction" (link to .pdf file)

Notes on Chuck's talk on Kant, Jan. 29, "overview and strategy" (link to .pdf file)

Notes on Chuck's talk on Kant, Jan. 22, on some of the "basics" (link to .pdf file)

17th c. Paintings (.pdf file of Chuck's presentation)
"Is God All in Your Head? - inside sciences quest to solve the mystery of consciousness" by Craig Hamilton (Andrew's recommended reading)

Chuck's lecture notes, Nov. 14 (link to .pdf file)

Plato, Republic, Book VI
Aristotle, De Anima (On the Soul)

Klima, Gyula. "The Medieval Problem of Universals," Stanford Encyc. of Philosophy

Chuck's lecture notes, Nov. 6
(link to .pdf file)

Aristotle, Categories, complete text (tr. by E.M. Edghill)
Aristotle, On Interpretation, complete text (tr. by E.M. Edghill)
Aristotle, Metaphysics, complete text (with standard page and line numbers), Perseus version

Week 3, Oct. 9-13

Week 2, Oct. 2-6

Week 1, Sept. 25-29

Topics to discuss in Meno (Chuck, Sept. 26)
Workshop, Rosenberg, Sept. 26
Workshop, Rosenberg, Sept. 28
"Types of Argumentative Fallacies" (from Kai Power)