Making Radio: An Audio Workshop
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4 Credits - CRN 40062
Summer 2008
TuTh, 1-5p
Second Session: July 29 - Aug 29

Tony Zaragoza Sem2 D3106 867-6408


There won't be any books you need to purchase for this class. There will be some readings from the web and a $35 fee for Media Services to access the 24 hr audio production studio.

Rooms & Times

1-5 - SEM2 C3109

1-5 - SEM2 C3109 & MML

Program Description

From community and pirate stations to internet podcasting, "radio" offers a flourishing venue for grassroots, independent media. Making Radio will offer hands-on experience to anyone interested in producing informative audio: from those with no experience to those working on radio projects. We'll share information about equipment, interviewing, editing, and distribution, offer each other feedback, and of course listen to a bunch of radio. One goal might be to create a collection of material to make publicly available.

Credit Requirements ^

Four quarter-hours of credit will be awarded to students who fulfill all of the following requirements:

• Draft and Final Project and Project Presentation
• Each One Teach One Group Presentation
• Listening Exercise and Discussion Facilitation

Program Work ^

Workshop: We will be a collection of folks interested in radio from a wide range of abilities and experiences. Our work will be collaborative and cooperative. We each have something to teach each other and to learn from each other. Our approach will be to share our knowledges in order to begin and/or improve our work in radio. We'll determine together the content of the class, our assignments, and goals. The first day of class we will discuss what we would like to get from the program and begin mapping it out.

Evaluation: Your evaluation will consist of your seminar leader's written evaluation of your work, your self-evaluation, and the evaluation conference. You will be evaluated on how much you learn throughout the program.

Accommodations: Please let your faculty know at the beginning of the quarter if there are any reasonable accommodations that you will need that will be coordinated through Evergreen's Access Services.


Week by Week Schedule ^
1, 2, 3, 4, 5



1:00 -  5:00


 1:00 – 5:00

WEEK 1 ^


29 & 31


Meet in Sem2 C3109


Workshop: What we got; what we need

Production Process

Meet in the Multi Media Lab (MML)

Working with microphones, digital recorders, and audio editing equipment.

WEEK 2 ^


5 & 7


Radio Appointments in Sem2 D3106 (15 min to talk about your project before class)

Meet in Sem2 C3109

Discussion: Radio: An Illustrated Guide

Listening exercise: History and Public Memory via the Hindenburg Disaster (Tony)

Workshop Planning, Prep and scheduling

Develop Questions for John

Meet in Sem2 C3109

Film and Discussion: The Agronomist

Tour: KAOS 89.3 FM with John Ford

Meet in the Multi Media Lab (MML)

Project Work

WEEK 3 ^


12 & 14


Meet in Sem2 C3109


Sound Levels and Mixing: Knowing this will save you lots of time (Jared)

Folklore and Oral History (Tovah)

Listening Exercises

War of the Worlds (Rachel)

Radio can build community (Joe Louis) (Monique)

Additional resources: Joe Louis from Dave Zirin's book A People's History of Sports in the US


Meet in the Multi Media Lab (MML)

Project Check-in

Audacity Workshops 1 & 2

Listening Exercises




If time allows, Project Work

WEEK 4 ^


19 & 21


Meet in Sem2 C3109

Preview: Disappearing Voices: The Decline of Black Radio

Discussion: Community Media

Listening Exercises

Pop Music (Tovah)


Film: Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad (Rachel)

Radio and Blogging (Monique)

Meet in the Multi Media Lab (MML)


Telling Stories (Woody)

Listening Exercises

Red Skelton (Woody)

Whitehouse Tapes (Jesse)

Abbott and Costello (Michael)

Project Work

Project Draft Due Friday at Noon to be put on draft project page

WEEK 5 ^


26 & 28


Meet in Sem2 C3109


Titles (Jesse)

Interviewing (Andrea)

How Radio Works (Ryan)

Audio Documentaries (Samira also Listening Exercise)

Listening Exercises

Radio Drama (Twilight Zone) (Jared)

Feedback due for Feedback Session

Meet in the MML


Guest Speaker: Gavin Dahl; click for his handouts


Major and Minor Keys (Michael)

Final Presentations of Projects




Meet at D3106

9 Rachel
9:30 Woody
10 Andrea
10.5 Samira
11 Ryan
11.5 Jesse
1 Galen
1.5 Michael
2 Jared



2.5 Monique


Radio Links


Free Radio Olympia

KOWA--LP Olympia

Radio 4 All

Uprising Radio

Democracy Now!

DIY Media

Radio Lab

Near FM

Reclaim the Media

Blog Talk Radio

National Radio Project: Making Contact

Podcast Alley

Intro to Podcasting

Free Radio Berkeley


People's Tribune Radio

Gavin Dahl Blog

NorthWest Sound Posse

National Federation of Community Broadcasters


Free Speech Radio News

Thin Air Community Radio

Canadian Broadcasting Program Guide

NCRA Exchange

Free Press

Prometheus Radio Project

Edge of Sports Radio

itunes U

Common Craft


Hearing Voices

Reclaim the Media

Alternative Radio

This American Life

FlashPoints: News and Commentary


Radio New Internationalist


Media Channel

Radio for the People

On the Map

Asia Times Online Audio

Librivox: Free Audio Books

Audacity (downloadable program)

Audacity Online Help and Reference

Audacity Tutorials

Workers Independent News

This Way Out

Off The Hook (2600)

BBC Radio Homepage



rabble podcasting network

Vancouver Cooperative Radio

Benton Foundation

Federal Communications Commission

Audio Texts

David Barsamian: How to Interview I

David Barsamian: How to Interview II

Terry Interviews Ira

Ira Interviews Terry

Workshop Links 08

History and Public Memory via the Hindenburg Disaster

Hindenburg Disaster (Full Herb Morrison Audio)
Hindenburg Videos
Old Time Radio Moments of the Century
Broadcasting History Links

Folklore and Oral History

The Weirdness: An Essay on folklore and oral history by Tovah

Audio Documentaries

I want to do this all day
Radio Diaries
Sound Portraits
Story Corps
American Radio Works
CBC Radio documentary tutorial

Radio and Blogging

Monique's Unique Ubiquity
The Kitchen: The 80s at 8
All Songs Considered: The Blog

Workshop Links 07

Webcast, Webstreaming & Podcasting

Real Audio: Free Player
Wikipedia: Webcast, Podcast
Transom: MP3 & Streaming, Podcasting & RSS, Read Audio Primer
Public Radio Exchange and PRX Quick Start Guide
Webcast Academy
Apple Podcasting
Guns and Butter Archives
Uprising Radio
Portland Indymedia Radio
r | mail

Mixing down with Audacity

Wikipedia: Audio Mastering
Wikipedia: Equalization
Wikipedia: Audio Level Compression
Audacity: Nyquist Plug-Ins