Winter Quarter 07


Required Texts:

Biomechanics of Sport & Exercise 2nd ed. Peter McGinnis. 2005

isbn 0-7360-5101-5



Diets Designed For Athletes. Maryann Karinch 2002

isbn 9780736038348


A basic calculator will also be required






Jan 8

Neurology and the MuscularSkeletal System -ch 12

Physics review

Jan 10

Physics review & intro to stats

the upper extremity

Due on Wed Jan 17th:

1)read the introduction to the Biomechanics of Sport & Exercise Text and then write a short paper answering the question: How does biomechanics fit into a liberal arts education. This should be typed - double space.

2) Watch a basketball game [can be high school, AAU, college or professional] for a minimum of one half. Indicate who played, where and date of game. Record the free throw attempts and amount made by each team. and calculate the % made by each team. Also based on the score at the end of the half [or game] would you venture to say that the free throws made a significant impact on the [final] score?

This should be typed.


Jan 15



Jan 17

Rotator Cuff

Torques pg 117 - 128

RESEARCH PROJECT: Identify an aspect of sport that has infiltrated popular culture. Based on this topic, you will prepare a short oral presentation [5-7 min] that includes examples of this phenonomen. Please have ideas of what you want to research for Wed Jan 17th.

Jan 22

stats on Excel

Anatomical Levers

Jan 24

Center of Gravity

pg 128 - 144

overview of metabolism & intro to sports nutrition

If you have obtained a sports nutrition text - than please read the intro and first 2 chapters before wednesday Jan 24's class.


Diet Diaries due on 1/24

Jan 29

Angular Quantities pg 147 - 157

carbohyudrates & sports


stats folder * not able to link...yet


Jan 31

Angular Quantities

Protein and exercise

For Monday 1/29 - read H/O on stretching and flexibility and come up with 2 sport specific stretching exercises that target the upper body. Note these in your activity journals - with specific instructions of how to do each exercise and what muscles are being targeted.. Also - if you can, note how these streches will help optimize participation or recovery from activity.

Please read chapters 3,5 & 9 in nutrition text

Feb 5


Fats and exercise


Feb 7

Centripedal Acceleration pg 157 - 169

sport and culture reports begin

sport and culture reports: at the time of your presentation, you will submit an annotated bibliography [typed] of the resources you used. 3 resources minimum, and only 2 maximum can be websites.

Feb 12


angular inertia

pg 173 - 180

Feb 14

Angular Momentum pg 180 - 189

Diet analysis : track your dietary intake for two days, on grids. Use information on food labels when available, for kcals, fat, carbs and protein. If you have access to dietary software from a previous class, or have a favorite website that you can enter and analyze your diet - use it, if not, check out and enter information - bring results to class. all grids/printouts are to be put in your portfolio after we are done analyzing them in class.

Feb 19

NO CLass

President's Day

Feb 21


* activity journals due

Feb 26

Guest Speaker:

Jerry Flynn

Strength & Conditioning Director

Proactive SportsMed

Topic: functional training for sports

Simple Machines

Feb 28

Economics of Sports

March 5


Tests / Estimation

March 7

Energy / Work pg 102 - 113

muscle, gene and athletic performance

March 12


Fluid Mechanics pg 193 - 209

March 14


* activity journals due

March 19


March 21