Class Sessions:  
     Wednesday, September 27, 6 – 9:30 pm followed by
Weekend intensives: 10 am - 5 pm
     Dates:  Sunday, Oct. 1
                  Sat/Sun, Oct. 14 & 15
                  Sat/Sun, Nov. 4 & 5
                  Sat/Sun, Nov. 18 & 19
                  Sat, Dec. 2
Classroom: SEM II, B1105


For the week of Oct. 2-Oct. 8

  • Read:  Will in the World (pgs. 1 - 117)

  • Research ideas for team project and e-mail research to Laura by Oct. 8

  • Screen and write:  Screen the entire version of the Twelfth Night film.  Choose a scene and write one page (double-spaced) describing how the scene has been altered and adapted for film?  Be sure to include what impact the film’s time and setting has on the scene?  How does it change your understanding of the play? 
    Due by e-mail to Laura by Oct. 10

For the week Oct. 9-15 (class meets Oct. 14 & 15)

  • Read: The Winter’s Tale plus introduction after reading the play
               Will in the World (pgs. 118 – 148)

  • Research:  What is a fairy tale? What is a myth?

  • Write: 
    1.  For Saturday seminar:  What have you learned about Shakespeare from your Greenblatt reading?  One paragraph, double-spaced.

    2.  For Sunday seminar:  Choose ten lines related to myth and fairy tale in The Winter’s Tale.  Once you’ve done this, write one page (double spaced) describing your research into fairy tales and how it relates to the ten lines you’ve chosen from the play.  The will constitute your seminar ticket.

Other important reminders and dates:

1.  You are required to attend a performance of The Winter’s Tale (Oct. 18-21)
2.  Hamlet will be the focus of our weekend Nov. 4 & 5
3.  Titus Andronicus and your Cornell box assignments will be the focus of our weekend Nov. 18 & 19
4.  Final team project papers/presentations (30 minutes) will be due Dec. 2