Academic Standards

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Late Work / Attendance Policy: This course requires self-discipline, individual work, and teamwork. Please follow the schedule closely and attend all seminars, workshops, lectures, and team meetings. It will be hard to achieve the program goals of working collaboratively and communicating clearly without actively attending and contributing to class. We expect all work to be submitted on time. Late submissions communicate to us that you are not keeping up with your work. In all but the most extenuating of circumstances, work that is submitted past its due date and time will not be read by faculty and your evaluation will state that your work was not submitted in a timely fashion.

Failure to attend all program meetings or to submit all work could result in a loss of credit.

During Week Five, you will receive a brief, written mid-quarter evaluation from your seminar faculty. If your work is not up to date and you are not making satisfactory progress in your learning, you will not be allowed to participate in the expedition. This week also marks a cut-off after which work from the first half of the quarter can no longer be considered for credit.

Credit Policy: Credit is not the same thing as high quality work. Full credit may be given when students fulfill the college-level requirements and standards of the program. The evaluation is used to describe the quality of the student's work. Thus, a student could actually receive credit, but also receive evaluations that reflect poor quality work. On the flip side, a student could attend regularly but receive partial or no credit because of work that is missing or below college standards.

Honesty: Each assignment must be an original piece of work for this program (i.e., the piece has never been submitted to nor has it been the basis for an assignment in another program). Ideas or written passages that are not yours must be correctly referenced so that credit is given to the original sources. If you are unclear about whether the work fulfills the letter or spirit of Evergreen's Academic Standards, please bring it to our attention. Failure to adhere to these standards will result in a loss of credit.

Any student who plagiarizes material will lose credit, will be asked to leave the program, and may be required to leave the college. Ask your faculty members if you have any questions. The Evergreen writing center and the Library have links to discussions of plagiarism and other valuable advice from the Purdue On-line Writing Lab (


Alcohol and Drug Policy: Absolutely no use of alcohol or drugs will be allowed in any class activity or field trip. Attending class events under the influence of or using these substances during program activities will result in loss of credit, expulsion from the program, and possibly expulsion from the College. See the program covenant for a more in-depth discussion of this policy.


Getting Help

You are welcome to come to either of the program faculty to discuss assignments, problems, requests or suggestions about anything at any time. All of our contact information is listed above. In addition, you can get assistance with your written work and your quantitative and symbolic reasoning work from the Evergreen Tutoring Center in the Library.

In addition to seeing you in class, we may on occasion need to get in touch with everyone in the program via email. We will be using your Evergreen email address (unless you give us a different one), so be sure to activate your account by the end of week 1 (make sure that your information is up-to-date on Gateway). Please check your mail regularly-we will be checking ours. Much of our program communication, notices, documents, and schedule will be accessible on the program website:

There are many more resources available in addition to those listed here-just let us know what you need and we'll hook you up. The most important thing to remember about getting help is seeking it out as soon as you think you need it-it's what we're all here for.

If for any reason you believe you need special accommodations in order to be successful in your academic work, please feel free to talk with either of us or contact Access Services @ 867-6348, Lib 2100W.