Beginning the Journey


Course overview

Welcome to Evergreen! For the next 6 weeks we'll be working together in order to do the following:

  • to get to know each other!
  • to begin t hinking three dimensionally about what it means to study a question (engaging multiple perspectives, critical literacy, interdisciplinary investigation, etc);
  • to investigate and share the campus and community resources that will enrich your time at Evergreen;
  • to support you in being conscious, pro-active and self-directed, both as students and as users of campus resources.
To meet these goals you'll participate in a range of activities, some of which you've already begun. Most of the workshops will address the above goals and revolve around ideas sparked by the book you read this summer, Hope's Edge.


Contact Faculty: Williamson | Wiedenhaupt | Gilliam | Pino | Wagner | Maiava
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