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Today is Friday September 05, 2008
If you are looking for a summer program just like 2007-08 Family, you have just found it.  It will run for both summer sessions, you may take it for one session only or both sessions. If you plan to take the 2008-09 Persistence program, Family: Summerwork will be an excellent introduction to its pedagogy. Both programs have an optional study abroad component.
Faculty:                      David <> and Raul <>
Weekly schedule:         Tu and Th, 1 pm, attendance is by invitation (Cedar Room LLC)
Enrollment Limit:          50
Level:                         Upper Division
Special expenses:         for optional 5 week trip to Peru (includes international RT Seatac-Lima, 5 week room and board and local transportation) about US$2200.00

If you choose to join the overseas study component, the non-refundable deposit at registration time is US$ 100 and the first meeting is the first day in class in June.

Although this class is a continuation of the Family program from the academic year, it is also open to new students wishing to participate in this pedagogy. This is not a program for students looking for an external, faculty-given pedagogical structure; we will ask students to take a very personal stake in their educational development. Students will pay special attention to what individual and group work they plan on doing, how they plan to learn, how they will know they learned it and what difference the work will make in their lives and within their communities. Participants will be encouraged to assume responsibility for their choices. Faculty and learners together will work to develop habits of worthwhile community interaction in the context of the education process and liberation. The faculty are interested in providing an environment of collaboration where faculty and learners will identify topics of mutual interest and act as partners in the exploration of those topics.
Participants whose research could be enriched by being immersed in a foreign culture will have the opportunity to live in Peru for five weeks (or more) during the Summer sessions. Our access to rural communities in the Peruvian northern coast offers students the opportunity to experience volunteer community work by learning in a safe and healthy pueblo environment. Learning about Latin America through Peru will expand the concept of Native American and indigenous peoples. The Magic, Myths and Miracles conference this summer is in Iquitos, Peru

(*) adapted from the TESC site.


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