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MIT 2007-2009 Faculty The faculty for this cycle of the Master in Teacher Program include: Dr. Terry Ford, Dr. Masao Sugiyama, Dr. George Freeman Jr. and a variety of current classroom practitioners.

Terry Ford is a Member of the Faculty at The Evergreen State College, a core Master in Teaching Program faculty, and a former middle school teacher. As a public school teacher, she taught reading/language arts, social studies, and P.E. and health. In addition, she coached volleyball, basketball, and track. Her current areas of interest include literacy education, multicultural education, curriculum integration, technology, qualitative research methods, and critical pedagogy. In addition to working in MIT (97-99, 00-02, 03-05), Terry has taught in three coordinated studies programs: Forms in Nature; So, You Want to Be a Teacher; and, What's Your Question; and has served as the Interim Director of Academic Advising.

Masao Sugiyama is a Member of the Faculty at The Evergreen State College and a former high school math teacher. At Evergreen, he has taught on teams in several inter-disciplinary programs including Matter and Motion; Chaos, Calculus, and Confucius; and Foundations of Computing. He decided he wanted to teach in MIT while he was serving as Academic Dean. As he read faculty portfolios, he became interested in the unique blend of philosophy and practical skills learned in the program. He said the portfolios showed him that the MIT program is very thoughtful about a framework in which to place the practices one learns in teaching. Masao has previously taught in MIT in 00-02, 03-05, 06-07.

George Freeman has been a Member of the Faculty at The Evergreen State College serving in the undergraduate curriculum for the past 16 years. Trained as a clinical psychologist, George often teaches psychology-based programs such as Multicultural Counseling or his most recent program, Making Change Happen with a strong focus in social psychology, social justice, and systems-level change. His most recent professional training examines organizational systems development from a Gestalt framework. In addition to teaching, he serves as a consultant to private and non-profit organizations and provides executive coaching. George taught in MIT 1997-99 so this is his 10 year reunion teaching with Terry and his first time teaching with Masao.