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Photo Journal of MIT 2007-2009

Winter 2008

Student Led Workshops 2/20/09

Special Ed Workshop 2/17/09

Student Led Workshops 2/13/09

Exam Day 2/10/09

Student Led Workshops 2/6/09

Conflict Resolution Workshop 2/ 4/09

Student Led Workshops 1/30/09

Professional Development Workship 1/14/09

Professional Development Workshop 1/7/09

First Day Back

Spring 2008

Last Day Potluck 6/6/2008

Art, Music, Movement Workshop 6/4/2008

Designing Group Work 6/3/2008

Seminar: Beyond the Ramps 5/30/2008

Designing Group Work 5/27/2008

Winter 2008

Science Workshop on Piaget 2/20/2008

Fall 2007

Photos from Circle Exercise and Potluck 12/7/2007

Photos from Cycle of Experience Presentations 12/7/2007

Photos from Zull Seminar and Workshop 11/27/2007

Photos from Vygotsky Workshop 11/13/2007

Photos from Tryout Teaching 11/7/2007

Photos from Piaget Workshop 11/6/2007

Photos from Potluck 10/26/2007

Photos from Models of Teaching Workshop 10/24/2007

Photos from Jensen Workshop 10/23/2007

Photos from Computer Lab 10/19/2007

Photos from Models of Teaching Workshop 10/17/2007

Photos from Dewey Workshop 10/16/2007

Phtotos from Systems Workshop 10/12/2007

Photos from Systems Workshop 10/9/2007

Photos from Theorist Tea 10/3/2007

Photos of Groups and Posters 10/3/2007

Photos from Meno Workshop 10/2/2007

Photos from Retreat 9/26/2007 and 9/27/2007

Photos from Retreat 9/25/2007

Photos from Retreat 9/24/2007

Photos from Orientation 9/15/2007

Photos from Previous Programs