Art Supply List

Art Supply List for Mixing Messages

Drawing Board:
Drawing Board with a handle and clips large enough to hold an 18 x 24” drawing pad.
Porfolio large enough to hold 18 x 24” drawings. You may make your own with recycled


1 large white drawing paper pad (18” x 24”)
2” 3-ring binder to hold 8.5 x 11” paper
Tracing Paper (14 x 17 or a roll)
Rite in the Rain notebook, small paperback field type notebook

Micron waterproof ink pen size .01 black
Ball point pen (black, medium point)
5 magic markers or Prismacolor Art Markers (assorted colors). Also consider buying several values of French Grey to quickly render shading effects.
Alphacolor Char-Kole compressed charcoal (one box)
3 Prismacolor Art Pencils (assorted colors)

2B pencil (Optional, if you like graphite, you could get more pencils of different hardness) 

Kneaded Eraser
Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser

Glue Stick
Workable Spray Fixative or Hair Spray


1 mat knife
1 inexpensive pair of scissors
1 ruler
Single edged razor blade

Container to hold drawing supplies


You may need additional tools and materials in a medium of your own choice (e.g. photography, printmaking, sculpture or painting) for special projects.