Physics, Politics & Profits of River Restoration


Be certain to check the schedule page to find specific assignment due dates. Unless a specific time is indicated, all assignments are due at the start of class.

Group Projects ...This assignment will be a significant portion of our program.  You will have a choice in the type and specifics of your project.  This assignment will be discussed in detail on Wednesday of week one with a written handout provided.  All groups are expected to present at the Evergreen Science Carnival on either Friday May 30th, or Saturday May 31st.  Missing the presentation at the Science Carnival will result in loss of credit. So, be sure to set one of these two days aside to enable your participation.(Detailed Assignment Description)

Week 2 Project Title and Team members (end of session Wednesday)
Week 2 Team Covenant (Thursday 9:00 AM)
Week 3 Team Project Proposal (Monday 1:00 PM)
Week 4 Check-in Report
Week 5 Check-in Report
Week 6 Check-in Report
Week 7 Check-in Report
Week 8 Check-in Report
Week 9 Team Project Report (title, abstract, summary, annotated bibliography)
Week 9 Presentations in class AND at the Science Carnival
Week 10 Collection of individual notes and work associated with this project
Week 10 Debrief meeting with team and faculty
.... (Group Project Evaluation Form: complete and bring 4 copies to wk 10 mtg)

From the Laboratory...
Hands-on laboratory work is an essential part of any science exploration. As we study complex and diverse topics associated with river restoration the scientific laboratory will come into play for our investigation of fluid properties and electricity. Both of these experiments will be posted to the web and it is your responsibility to print out a copy. It is important that you bring this lab packet, with the completed PRELAB assignment, with you to your lab session. Safety in the lab is important to us. All students must complete the laboratory safety session and the laboratory safety quiz to work in the lab setting. A copy of the laboratory safety manual can be found online. See the schedule page to find the date of our laboratory safety session.

Lab packet for "Properties of Fluids" (due by 2:00 PM, Tuesday Week 5)
Lab packet for "Electricity" (due by 2:00 PM, Tuesday Week 8)

From Seminar...Seminar is a cornerstone of your Evergreen education. To get the most out of this experience, you must complete the readings and assignments well before seminar and bring a copy of the reading to seminar. (Assignment descriptions are linked below.)

Week 1: "The Hydro-Quebec Dam"
Week 2: Deep Water India
Week 3: Deep Water Southern Africa
Week 4: Deep Water Australia
Week 6: An Enemy of the People
Week 7: Film and Discussion
Week 8: "Do We Know How To Do it?"

From Lecture and Workshops...Weekly lectures and workshops will provide you the opportunity to enhance your knowledge in topics of physics, economics, politics, and other issues of importance associated with river restoration.

Personal goals for the quarter (week 1)
Myers Briggs Personality Test (week 1)(info about the test)
Physics Homework Assignments (weeks: 3, 4, & 7)
Physics Final Exam (week 10)(Review Sheet)
Comparison and Contrast Paper (due by 2:00 PM, Tuesday Week 6)
Economics and Finance Quizzes
Economics and Finance Homework Assignments (weeks: 3, 7)
Field Trip Participation (weeks: 5, 7, & 10)


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