Physics, Politics & Profits of River Restoration

Faculty Member Information:

Rebecca Sunderman, Ph.D.
Office Location: Lab 1, 1013
Phone Number: 360-867-6121
Office Hours: by appointment

Glenn Landram, Ph.D.
Office Location: SEM II, D 2110
Phone Number: 360-867-5434
Office Hours: by appointment


If you are interested in this program please come to the academic fair on Wednesday, March 5th (Week 9), 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM, in the Main Gym of the CRC building.

Additional Resources or References:

Useful websites, suggested additional readings, and other items we that we feel may assist you in your studies at The Evergreen State College will be listed here.

Day-one Packet (including program covenant)

Websites to visit before the tour of Cushman Dam
...Tacoma Power
...Cushman Hydro Project
...Foundation for Water and Energy Education (FWEE)
...National Hydropower Association (NHA)

Practice Problems using Conversion Factors


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