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12 steps in how to find obscurity in a small town

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Submitted by ze lord on Tue, 12/11/2007 - 8:19pm.
hello y'all.
many things to talk about:
1. did anyone get good documentation of the exhibition? i thought i was going to get photos, but my "documentation" is through polaroids (which will get send to y'all soon), and is less of a document to the event than it is a record of the emotion of the event, knife throwing et all. so, please, if anyone has some good photos, could you please share?

2. sharing and caring: for those of you that were in critique, er thursday? we had discussed briefly the interest in a group trade of works. so, whoever was in on the idea would need to let me know...based on those numbers, let's say for example 20 people were into it. then each of us would create 20 of something- photograph, print, drawing, tiny fabric coaster? and then deliver them all to an agreed upon spot on thursday/friday, and each of us would take a small piece of each other's art home with us to start a tiny collection. when we all agree to get fabulously wildly famous, we will all have tiny collections that are worth lots and lots of american dollars.
with that said, who's in? i need to know soon. can we set a time/date when we figure out numbers of who is in? then, we figure out a time/date of when to meet. we originally said thursday. however, if we can (i can't remember why we said thursday), can i nominate friday for the trade day? all of us, including myself, will be done with everything. if i get an overwhelming response as to why it needs to be thursday, then we will make a date for that day.
who is in? email me by wednesday night, 9 pm? then i'll reply to those and let y'all know numbers of how many to trade! best part of being an artist...having artist friends...

3. oh, also, there was rumors or talk about people wanting to go to see the new movie based on bob dylan's life, "I'm Not There," which i've seen once, had my brain thoroughly blown (maybe that explains this week...) and lusting for more. so i want to see it again. and sounds like there are some others that are interested too. as i'm all for end of quarter fun and good movies, is there a consensus of people that would be interested in carpooling to the extremely limited engagement theaters in seattle to go see it? if so, email me. let's coordinate.

4. Did anyone accidentally pick up a yellow serving tray or any serving trays from the show? They were my secretaries and they are mad at me. If and when you have secretaries in the future, realize this: you never want them to be mad at you. They run the world.

5. i think it went great. all of it. the exhibition, the quarter, the everything. i'm sure you are tired of my artsy fartsy rhetoric, so simply: you kicked ass. good work sailors.

i may or may not be around next quarter, i'm sure i'll be around olympia for a little bit. it's been fun being a teacher and i know i will continue to teach, well, i hope to...but in a way, i am also kinda excited for a break to just be aimless. for the first time in more than a year i'll just be another young 20 something nerd in olympia who used to geek over bikini kill and enjoys knob creek. no worries about seeing my students at the bar knowing who are underage worries about smarty pants talk and complete mondays, no nothing!  
here's to double negatives!
and here's to nothing!

and yet, to our futures, and everything...

Submitted by ze lord on Tue, 12/11/2007 - 8:19pm.
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