Week 9: Why Make Art Now? From Art World Darlings to the Loft

Leaders:Spider, Chuck, Sky

Reviewers: Jeremy, Darcy

Week 8: The 4th Dimension! Time-Based Arts

Leaders:James, Jeremy

Reviewers: Ben, Dalton, Nick, Sky

Week 7: Art, Activism, and Response

Leaders: Nick, Ben, Will, Keegan

Reviewers: Diana, Olivia, Chris, Lindsay

Week 6: No Seminar! Everyone go look at Art!

Week 5: Looking at you? Now, look at me!

Leaders: Lindsay, Laurie, Olivia, Chris, Darcy

Reviewers: Rick, Abdel, James, Spider, Natalie

Week 4: RAD! Identity Politics and Art

Leaders: Natalie, Trent, Abdel

Reviewers: Laurie, Will, Dylan, Chuck

Week 3: Semiotics: Coded Messages and Your Secret Decoder Ring

Leaders: Dylan, Dalton, Diana, Rick

Reviewers: Jake, Alicia, Ceradwen

Week 2: Evergreen and Olympia: Epicenter of a Cultural Movement?

Leaders: Alicia, Jake, Ceradwen