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Bad News for Paris! A Hit with the Kids and Adults Alike!

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Submitted by ze lord on Fri, 12/07/2007 - 2:20pm.

congratulations everyone, it was a wonderful incredible show!

we forgot the 15 pound block of swiss cheese and 6 pounds of guacamole in the back of the truck. no green goo for the troops, but i suppose that means that we will just have to have another party and invite everyone to bring a bag of chips and a box of crackers because we got enough guacamole and cheese to last us for days!

again, congratulations, i think it went off well and have been getting many many lovely compliments from all around. you have all made me very proud. and plus, i get to look at this pretty pink bouquet of flowers too! and a bunch of polaroids where i have paint all over my face! what a great way to go out of evergreen!

ps. i still think we should all go watch 'i'm not there.' and i'm totally writing you with times and dates and let's all carpool. i'll bring the cheese.



Submitted by ze lord on Fri, 12/07/2007 - 2:20pm.
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