Robert Smurr, Sem. II, C 3112 (867-5056); Email: Rob
Peter Impara, Sem II, D 3102 (867-6543); Email: Peter
Office hours are arranged by appointment.


Students must complete all of the assignments below in order to receive course credit and a course evaluation.

  1. Research Prospectus: a 2-3 page prospectus on your proposed research topic for the term. Choice of the topic will be yours, but it must meet faculty approval. DUE: Monday, Apr. 7 in seminar.
  2. An initial 5-6 paged draft of your research work to date. DUE: Friday, Apr. 25 in seminar.
  3. Three in-class (workshop) map quizzes. Quizzes on Weds: Apr. 9, May 2, and May 21.
  4. Research Paper II: a 9-10 paged expansion of your research essay. DUE: Friday, May 9 in seminar.
  5. Research Paper III. A final submission of your fifteen paged term research project. DUE: Wednesday, May 28 in faculty offices.
  6. A midterm examination: Wednesday, Apr. 30.
  7. Bi-weekly text quizzes. Short quizzes for every assigned reading in order to verify your comprehension of the material. DUE: every seminar.
  8. A final group presentation. Given in class, week ten.
  9. One official TESC student self-evaluation. DUE: Friday, June 6.
  10. One official TESC seminar faculty evaluation. DUE: Friday, June 6.
  11. A comprehensive course portfolio that will include all of the above items plus any additional material that might speak of your learning process for the quarter. DUE: Friday, June 6.
  12. Full participation in course field trips.