Robert Smurr, Sem. II, C 3112 (867-5056); Email: Rob
Peter Impara, Sem II, D 3102 (867-6543); Email: Peter
Office hours are arranged by appointment.


Lectures: Students will normally have one or two faculty lectures per week, given by Rob and Peter, usually on a rotating basis. Lectures cover material relevant to, but not directly based upon, our course texts.
Seminars: One to two per week based on the particular week’s reading(s).

Everyone should come prepared to speak, argue, and discuss relevant themes in seminar. Feel free to use your short response notes as jumping off points for discussion. The more closely and critically you and your colleagues read the assigned texts, the more effective and enjoyable will be our time spent in seminar.

Films: One or two per week, depending on length and content. Students will preview and lead discussions on feature films and documentaries.

This is an integral and required aspect of our program. We expect all students to come to the films on time and with a critical eye. Over the course of our two-term study, we will view a wide array of feature films and documentaries, a great number of which are considered classics of their genre. Once per term each student will be required to join a small group in which members will preview, introduce, and lead the program in small group discussions on a particular film. Additionally, all students will write a short (2-3 page) critique of their chosen film. Although it may be difficult to find critical reviews for some of the films (particularly some of the documentaries), the more information that you can find in advance of our screening, the more fruitful will be our post-film discussions. The following library and internet resources, among others, will help you in this process:

  • Magill’s Survey of Cinema, English Language Films (TESC Ref, PN 1993.45.M3)
  • The Internet Movie Database (IMDB): http://www.imdb.com (particularly good for diverse critical reviews of most feature films)

Student Film List (28K Word Doc)

Workshops: Usually one per week. We will emphasize the development of research, writing, and library skills. Some workshops will be taught in classrooms, others will be taught outdoors in the Evergreen campus, regardless of weather conditions.
Field Trips:

We will take four field trips, two of which entail multiple overnight stays.  Trips are required and will depart promptly from the circle in front of the CRC (Gym).  Detailed itineraries forthcoming.

Field Trip I: The Columbia River Basin Depart 9:30 a.m., TESC on Monday, April 7
Return: approx. 4:00 p.m. on Friday, April 11
Field Trip II: Seattle Depart 9:30 a.m., TESC on Wednesday, April 16
Return: approx. 4:00 p.m on Wednesday, April 16
Field Trip III: The Skokomish Rainforest Depart 9:30 a.m., TESC on Wednesday, April 23
Return approx. 6:00 p.m., on Wednesday, April 23
Field Trip IV: The Olympic Peninsula Depart 9:30 a.m, TESC on Monday, May 12
Return approx. 4:00 p.m., on Friday, May 16

PROGRAM FEES: $175 per student

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