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This covenant is an outline of the rights and responsibilities of students and faculty.  In order to receive full credit for each quarter's work students are expected to:

            (1) attend all regularly scheduled program activities including lectures, seminars, workshops, and conferences with faculty, on time;

            (2) prepare thoroughly, via careful and critical reading and listening to our texts, take legible and well-organized notes on texts and class sessions, participate verbally, critically, creatively, and through writing, as appropriate, in each of these activities, to the best of your ability;

            (3) complete all program assignments (including reading, writing, listening, and performance practicing) in a satisfactory and timely fashion;

            (4) participate in the evaluation process through the writing of self and faculty evaluations and attending evaluation conferences.

            In addition, it is essential that each student take full responsibility to help make his/her group exercises and projects productive and collaborative.  In discussing works with substance, sometimes the material or viewpoint is likely to be controversial.  To grow as communicators and as effective team players, we must be sensitive to others in our group and converse civilly and in good faith.  A student's commitment includes acceptance of the responsibility to work competently and collectively in group activities such as seminar, projects, and workshops, whether or not the faculty is present at such meetings. 

            Be sure you do your own work.  Submitting work that bears your name makes the claim that the work is yours.  Plagiarism, that is, passing off as one's own something that was actually written or otherwise prepared by someone else, is an affront to one's peers and faculty.  Students should be mindful that any acts of plagiarism discovered by faculty must be treated seriously.  The penalty for plagiarism is expulsion from the program and possible expulsion from the college.  Please get to know the college's Social Contract and Student Conduct Code, specifically with regards to plagiarism and the disruption of college functions.

            Mere completion of assignments is not sufficient to receive credit; your work must also be of college-level quality, as determined by faculty.  Those who appear not to be working at a full-credit capacity will be notified of their status during the fifth week of each quarter.

            In return, students can expect full and active participation by the faculty in all program activities, the timely return of written work with evaluative comments, adequate time for individual consultation via regular office hours, and written and oral evaluations at each quarter's end. 

            No alcohol or drugs are allowed at program functions, including field trips and informal gatherings.

            If a student has a grievance, it is his/her responsibility to first take it up with the individual involved.  If that does not resolve the situation, the faculty should be consulted.  If still no resolution is reached, the faculty will suggest students go to the Academic Deans, and finally, to follow the college's formal grievance procedure.