Class Schedule


10 -12 A.M. - All Program meeting - Sem II, C1107

2 - 4 P.M. - Book seminar

Andrew's seminar - Library 1003

Bruce's seminar - Library 1005

Nancy's seminar - Library 2205

Rita's seminar - Library 2207


2 - 4 P.M. - Book seminar - Library rooms


9 - 12 A.M. - Writing tutorials

Andrew's seminar - Sem II, B 2105, B 3107

Bruce's seminar - Sem II, D 3107, D 3109

Nancy's seminar - Sem II, E 2107, E 2109

Rita's seminar - Sem II, E 3107, E 3109

2 - 5 P.M. - All Program meeting - Sem II, D1105


Week 1 (1/5-9)

Sophocles, Philoctetes in Sophocles II, Chicago 1969 - entire play

Week 2 (1/12-16)

Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics, Hackett, 1999 - entire book

Week 3 (1/19-23)

Kant, Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals, Cambridge, 1997 - through sec. II

Week 4 (1/26-30)

Groundwork - sec. III

Week 5 (2/2-6)

Sophocles, Antigone in Three Theban Plays, Penguin, 1984 - entire play

Week 6 (2/9-13)

Shakespeare, Othello, Penguin, 2001 - entire play

Week 7 (2/16-20)

Hannah Arendt, Eichmann in Jerusalem, Penguin, 1965 - through chap. 7

Week 8 (2/23-27)

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, Signet, 2008 - entire book

Week 9 (3/2-6)

Charles Eastman, The Soul of the Indian, Dover, 2003 - entire book

Jonathan Lear, Radical Hope, Harvard, 2006 - through chapter 2

Week 10 (3/9-13)

Radical Hope - entire book


There are three paper assignment categories: seminar papers, writing workshop papers and a research paper.

Seminar papers

Each Tuesday all students will submit a short paper on the week's assigned reading to the seminar leader at the book seminar.

Writing workshop papers

Each Friday all students will submit a longer paper on the week's assigned reading to the seminar leader at the writing workshop. Students will be broken into groups (Groups A and B) and have additional duties. During alternating weeks members of group A or B will be responsible for making copies of their paper and distributing copies to other workshop members. The writer will read the paper out load during the workshop and then solicit responses and editorial suggestions. Based on these comments, the writer will prepare a final draft and submit the final draft to the seminar leader the following Tuesday at the book seminar.

Research paper

Each student will write a research paper. The paper will be developed in four stages over the quarter, with the following due dates for each stage.

Reseach proposal - due 1/16

Research methodology, annotated bibliography and outline - due 2/12 or 2/13

First Draft - due 2/23

Final Draft - due 3/9

At the end of the quarter, each student will make an oral presentation on their research paper during the week of March 9-13.