Reading for Week I:,8599,1806946,00.html

See Writing Assignments for explanation of writing the persuasive essay.

Required Books:  These are available in the Evergreen bookstore and we encourage you to buy them there. The bookstore now stocks primarily used books.

Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, They Say, I Say: The moves that matter in academic writing

David Altheide, Terrorism and the Politics of Fear

George Lakoff, Moral Politics: How liberals and conservatives think

Steven Pinker, The Stuff of Thought

David Barker. Rushed to Judgment: Talk radio, persuasion, and American political behavior

Leslie Savan. Slam Dunks and No Brainers: Pop Language in your life, the media, and like . . . whatever

Penelope Eckert & Sally McConnell-Ginet, Language and Gender

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