Welcome to the Fall Syllabus page for Music, Math, and Motion

1:00 Lecture / Discussion in SEM 2 D1105
3:00 - 5:00 Seminar in SEM 2 E3107 and E3109
Thursday in Lib / Computer Center
Computer Music Workshop
1:00 in Lib 1326
2:30 in ACC and Windows Lab
Friday in CAL (Lab II)
1:00 - 5:00 Physics of Music workshops and/or
/ DVDs / guest lectures

Fall Syllabus
Week 1: Sept 30
Tuesday in SEM 2 D1105
Loy: Chap 1 (Music & Sound); Ch.5 (Geometrical Basis of Sound) p.129-141
Fauvel (Music & Sound) Intro (p.1-10), Ch.3 (The science of musical sound)
Seminar Reading (in class - bring your text): Galileo (Bertolt Brecht)
Thursday in Computer Center
Computer Music workshop (Simple Waveforms) - meet in Library basement for first hour. Optional: start reading Dodge & Oalline.
Friday in CAL (Lab II)
Seminar (read this beforehand): Learning through Writing Together, by Don Finkel
Moodle and team workshops
4 October is Voter Registration Deadline - you can Register online. (The last WA State Governer's election was decided by fewer than 200 votes - your vote counts!)
Special events (be there!):
*Sunday 5 Oct: Performance by Prince Myshkins, 8 pm, Recital Hall (on campus);
*Monday 6 Oct: 10 am - noon: Special Lecture by Rick Burkhardt, COM 117: The complexity a musical idea requires
Week 2: Oct 7
Read Loy Ch. 4.1-8,13,14,18-25 (Physical Basis of Sound)
Read Fauvel Ch.9 (Microtones and Projective Planes)
Discuss Oscillations and Fourier analysis in the natural world
Seminar on Galileo (see DVD on reserve in Library beforehand)
  Thursday: Computer Music workshop (Sequences, Envelopes,Tuning Systems); Read Loy Ch.3.1-4 (Fundamental mathematics of Tuning Systems)
Friday: Physics of Sound workshop #1: Oscillations
Week 3: Oct 14
Loy: Ch. 8 (Vibrating Systems) (p.239-249)
Discuss Physics of Sound workshop
Seminar Reading: Contact (Carl Sagan)
  Thursday: Computer Music workshop (amplitude modulation) read Loy Chap 2.8-9 (Timbre)
Friday: Seminar Reading: Contact (Carl Sagan)
Physics of Sound workshop #2: each team bring an instrument
Week 4: Oct 21
Tuesday: Loy Ch.7 (Intro to Acoustics) (p.199-216)
Movie: Contact (Carl Sagan)
Wed.22.Oct: Campus Sustainability Day - check out the events
  Thursday: Computer Music workshop (frequency modulation) Read Chowning article on FM
Friday: Seminar: Harding selections on strong objectivity, race/gender issues in science
Research workshop #1
Week 5: Oct 28 Tuesday: Read Loy Ch.9.7 (Randomness)
Read Fauvel Ch.8 (Composing with numbers)
Discuss Quantum Mechanics
Seminar Reading: Copenhagen
  Thursday: Computer Music workshop (compositional decision-making; random number generators)
Friday: Copenhagen (DVD) and Research workshop #2
Nov.1 Saturday Team creative/research Proposal due by noon
Nov.2 Sunday Evaluations of teammates due by noon to your seminar faculty
Week 6: Nov 4 Tuesday mid-quarter conferences, possible online midterm
Nov.9 Sunday Individual composition projects due
No class rest of week (Faculty retreat)
Week 7: Nov 11 Tuesday: Lecture on Beethoven's Piano Concerto #4 and Musical Cosmology
Seminar reading: Wigner: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics;
Articles about Sound and the Cosmos
Read Fauvel Ch.2 (Musical Cosmology)
  Thursday: Computer Music workshop (granular synthesis, probability, stochastics) read Gabor article
Friday: Guest composer Lawrence Fritts on Mathematics as a Compositional Tool
Read Fauvel Ch.10 (Composing with Fractals)
Physics of Sound Workshop #3: Primordial acoustic oscillations
Nov 16 Sunday Olympia Symphony Orchestra - Beethoven: Piano Concerto #4 and Symphony #7
Week 8:Nov 18 Tuesday: Loy Ch.8 (Vibrating Systems) (p.263-277)
Seminar reading: Harmonograph;
Article(s) about ringing stars
  Thursday: Computer Music workshop (linear waveform transformation) Ashby article on Change
Friday: Research Workshop #3
Nov 24
Thanksgiving Week holiday
Week 9: Dec 2 Tuesday: Seminar Reading: 1. Lem: His Master's Voice and 2. Article by Weaver: The Mathematical Theory of Information (Shannon article optional)
  Thursday & Friday: 1. Perform your Project for and 2. Present your research to faculty, to prepare for next week (sign up in advance on SignUpSheets on Moodle)
Week 10 Dec 9 Tuesday NOON Final run-through on creative/research projects
    Thus-Friday: Present your creative/research projects at Maple Lane Juvenile Facility
  Dec 13 Saturday: email your teammate evaluations to your seminar faculty by NOON
Evals: Dec 15-16: Evaluation conferences are required only for students not continuing in the program. See Sign-up sheets and portfolio guidelines.
Reading for winter break : Dr. Faustus by Thomas Mann
Optional background reading: Faust by Christopher Marlowe (not Goethe)