Program Description

Persistence: Summerwork

David Rutledge, 867-6633, Raul Nakasone, 867-6065
TuTh, 1p to 5p, Organic Farm

For Credit
8 credits First or Second session or 16 credits Full session
CRN: 40064 (Full Session), 40065 (1st Session), 40066 (2nd Session)
Fees do not include tuition

A continuation of the Persistence program from the academic year, and it is open to new students wishing to participate in a student-centered pedagogy. This is not a program for students looking for an external, faculty-given pedagogical structure; students will take a very personal stake in their educational development and make their own educational decisions. Travel to Peru, not necessary for enrollment in the program, offers access to communities in northern Peru to experience life in safe and healthy pueblos. This course allows students to choose the direction and goal of their research, including upper-division and graduate study.