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Robert Smurr, SEM 2, C 3112 (867-5056); Email: Rob S.
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Earth Stewards: Sustainable Living in a Threatened World
(CRN: 222249)  Fall, Winter 2009-10


Students must complete all of the assignments below in order to receive course credit and a course evaluation.

  1. Paper I: a 4-5 page expository essay on an aspect of our class readings, the particular theme of which will be given to you in advance. DUE: Oct. 8
  2. A rewrite of paper I. DUE: Oct. 23
  3. Two in-class (workshop) map quizzes. Quizzes on Oct. 28 & Nov. 11
  4. Paper II: a 4-5 page expository essay. DUE: Oct. 30
  5. A rewrite of paper II. DUE: Nov. 13
  6. A midterm examination: Nov. 4.
  7. Paper III: a 4-5 page expository essay. DUE: Dec. 1
  8. A rewrite of paper III. DUE: Dec. 11 with course portfolio.
  9. Bi-weekly text quizzes. Short quizzes for every assigned reading in order to verify your comprehension of the material. DUE: every seminar and many workshops.
  10. Participation in a group film review and one individual written film critique (2-3 pages, DUE on day of film screening) based upon that particular film. All students will select one film per quarter to preview, introduce it to the class, and lead small group discussions after the film. Film List with Student Groups
  11. A final examination. Given in class on Dec. 11.
  12. One official TESC student self-evaluation. DUE: Dec. 11
  13. One official TESC seminar faculty evaluation. DUE: at Evaluation Conference (Week 11)
  14. A comprehensive course portfolio that will include all of the above items plus any additional material (art work, e.g.) that might speak of your learning for the quarter. DUE: Dec. 11
  15. Full participation in course field trips.