Rob Cole, SEM 2, E 4112 (867-6714); Email: Rob C.
Robert Smurr, SEM 2, C 3112 (867-5056); Email: Rob S.
Office hours are arranged by appointment.
Earth Stewards: Sustainable Living in a Threatened World
(CRN: 222249)  Fall, Winter 2009-10


  1. Full and conscientious participation; on-time completion of all readings, writing assignments, and examinations; attendance at all program activities, including films.
  2. No late essays. 
  3. No plagiarism. If you know what it is, don’t do it. Ever. If you don’t know, ask, or read about TESC plagiarism policy here:
  4. An end-term portfolio (bound loose-leaf) that includes all of your work during the quarter.
    Read: “Don’t lose or throw anything away!”
  5. Signed covenant of responsibilities and obligations.