The Evergreen Singers is a quarterly two-credit class focused on choral performance.

Who can join?

Anyone can enroll in The Evergreen Singers through Evergreen’s Registration process.  If you are not currently an Evergreen student, you can enroll as a Special Student.

Can I participate without enrolling for credit?

Only Evergreen faculty and staff can participate without enrolling for credit.

Do I have to audition?

No. Just enroll.

Do I have to know how to read music?

You already know at least a bit about reading music, whether you think you do or not.  And you can learn the basics in about twenty minutes.  Don’t sweat this.

What if I’m not a confident singer?

By joining this chorus, you are making a commitment  to work on your singing and musicianship skills.  It’s not rocket science; you will get better with practice.  If you’re ready to sing and to work on your singing, you are very welcome in The Evergreen Singers.

Leadershipelliott marla portrait

Marla Beth Elliott, M.F.A. directs The Evergreen Singers.  She also teaches music, theatre, law and justice, and community studies in Evergreen’s Evening/Weekend programs.  Marla sings and writes songs with the progressive feminist band The Righteous Mothers. She also sings with the Pacific Northwest shape-note community and with the all-star lawyer funk band, Func Pro Tunc.