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Chinese Cultural Notes

Maps and Flags:
Map of China with Major Cities
Map of Taiwan 
Taiwan-Map.Com (searchable/zoom-in)
Flag of China PRC
Flag of Taiwan ROC

Chinese Language:

Chinese Linguistic Map
Mandarin Chinese Profile
What Are Radicals?
Stroke Orders
Chinese Characters FAQ
How Many People Speak Chinese?
Mandarin Chinese Outpost
Chinese Data on line


History Timeline (Univ. of Maryland)
Era and Timeline (Seke Wei)
History of China (Univ. of Maryland)
A Brief Chinese History (

Chinese Names:

The Origin of Chinese Surnames

Top 100 Surnames

Get A Chinese Name

Chinese Festivals:

Dragon Boat Festival

Moon Festival

Traditional Festivals 

Holidays in Taiwan 

Calendars & Horoscopes:

Chinese Zodiac in Chinese
Chinese Horoscop/Zodiac

Download Chinese Calendar

Food and Drink: 

Regional Food


Banquet Etiquettes


Dim Sum  Chinese Cuisine 

Chinese Menu

Tea Culture

Drinking Gongfu Tea

Wine Drinking

Popular Culture:

Popluar Music
Movies and Films
Chinese Radio and TV

Traditional Chinese Culture: 


Chinese Opera

  Footbinding/Girl With Bound Feet 

Feng Shui

Tai Chi Chuan 

China the Beautiful (All Topics)

Chinese Culture (All Topics)

Classical Literature and Art:

Lu Xun Homepage

Chinese Classics



The Sayings of Confucius (Harvard Classics)

Tang Poetry

Poetry Readings

Chinese Painting

National Palace Museum in Taipei

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